Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why Prep? Is it too late to start?

This is a very common question I get from my readers, they feel overwhelmed and that they are too far behind everyone else, and events are happening too fast to start now. Thats not true! Yes, when you first "wake up" and realize the dangers and possibilities that our country is currently facing, it can feel like a daunting task to accumulate a year or more worth of food and supplies to be self-sustainable for your whole family. And I wont lie to you, it is expensive. But to me, the fact that I know I have these items makes me sleep better at night and gives me a sense of accomplishment in knowing that no matter what happens, I can provide for and protect my family. Most preppers are not like the people you see on the TV show "Doomsday Preppers" which has been so heavily edited (in alot of cases) to make us look like idiots or nutjobs.

I wont sugar-coat it, it seems that the powder keg has been lit, and we have no idea how long the fuse is, but every day its getting shorter. Most in the prepping community believe that within this year we may see some very scary developments. This is all the more reason to start learning, researching, and increase your awareness. Even if you think it is stupid, or crazy, please, I beg you to do some research into this on your own, then tell me what you think.
The Basics

The idea behind prepping is to be self-sustainable, no matter what event occurs. The main 'fears' for preppers:
  • E.M.P. (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) - This is caused by the detonation of a nuclear device, and will destroy anything with a computer or electronics. The worst-case senario is if three key placed nuclear devices are detonated in the upper atmosphere above the US, effectively destroying our power grid and all transportation systems. Depending on the time of year when this is done, within 6 months to 1 year, experts say 80% or more of the US population will die of exposure, lawlessness, or starvation. This is our biggest weakness as a nation, we are not at all prepared for this scenario. For a good idea of what this would be like, check out the novel One Second After, or the less accurate but very good free novel Lights Out.
  • Economic Collapse - Due to all of the world's economies being woven into a giant web of debt, one failing nation creates a domino effect that cripples the rest. With time, hyperinflation will occur, making our $ actually worth less and less, to the point where you are paying $100 for a can of tomato soup. Then as the system crumbles when people cant put food on the table for their loved ones, riots and crime skyrocket, people become desperate as the store shelves become empty because transportation of goods screeches to a halt due to the price of gas. You probably know the rest. Just google "US economic collapse" and you'll get the picture if you dont. Check out the novels Patriots and Survivors by James Wesley Rawles (Author of for an idea of what can happen if this comes to pass. This is the greatest threat for most preppers.
  • Solar Flare/Coronal Mass Ejection - This is the same as the threat of EMP, the same effect. It is due to a sunspot happening on the surface of the sun and creating an "EMP-like" effect on all electronics on earth. It supposedly happened once in 1912, destroying all telegraph machines.
  • WWIII/Civil War II/Nuclear Exchange - Pretty much self explanitory.
  • Natural Disaster/Pole shift - Some are afraid that the polarity of our planet may shift and cause another ice age (i'm pretty skeptical of this, we cannot accurately predict the weather, but we think we know when this is going to happen? uh huh.)
  • Viral Epidemic Outbreak - Scientists say we are due for another large viral outbreak. If it comes on fast, as many viruses do, no government will have time to design and mass produce a cure before a large percent of the populous dies.

As preppers, we want to collect the main things we need to live a 'normal' life without outside help. To not only survive a drastic event, but to thrive in one. With that idea, you have to be able to procure, produce, and grow your own food. You must be willing to protect yourself, your belongings, and your family and friends from those who wish to do you harm or take what you have for themselves. Following a major breakdown in society, there will be millions of people that have fed on the government entitlement teet and do not know what to do without it, or just those that have done nothing in their life but go to the supermarket or buy fast food to provide for themselves. These people (the average American has on hand 3 days worth of food in their home) will be beyond desperate, going to any means to provide for themselves and their loved ones. (If I were in their situation, I cant say I wouldn't do the same.) So you must be mentally prepared to make some hard choices. I believe in being generous, and giving anything you can spare to those in need, but keep in mind that by doing so, you are showing people that you have alot of supplies that these desperate people may be willing to kill you over. 

Gang activity will be so rampant it is unfathomable. Once the prisons have no more food to give to their inmates they will either release them, or let them die. Chances are that most of them will be released into the general public to cause even more chaos. Large (probably in the 100's of members) gangs will be going from town to town looting, raping, and pilaging their way through the country. This is a very stark outlook and thought line. I know it is alot to accept, but this is the truth. 

Think about the millions of Americans on perscription medication for most of their lives, then all of a sudden, its all gone? All at one time their will be what used to be normal and sane people that live normal lives on their medications, going absolutely crazy, or dying.

Yes, this is all very scary. Very hard to accept and wrap your mind around, that this could happen in OUR country. "We are Americans, that cant happen here!" you may be thinking, but it can, and it will, should something like this happen. I greatly hope that things will not be nearly as bad as many believe, but its not looking like it.

Its never too late to start prepping. Just think of it as being like "life insurance". 

Here are some good resources if you want to find more information:

NCPrepper10 out.

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