Monday, September 26, 2011

Urban Survival: How an EDC (Every Day Carry) Bag can help you..

Most major events are going to happen while you are going through your every day life tasks. For a moment, put yourself in the shoes of one of the people on the streets when 9/11 happened. Nearly every person there would have greatly benefited from having a bandana to put over their face, a bottle of water, a med kit, etc. 

That is where the EDC Bag comes in. An Every Day Carry Bag is just a normal backpack (dont go for anything paramilitary or tactical looking, it will only attract attention) with survival equipment that you will actually use fairly often. I would only fill the bag about half way, so that it can be used to store other things you would wish to carry around such as your laptop, cell phone charger, tissues, etc. Some good items to have in your EDC Bag:

Flashlight: Having a good flashlight is a MUST in my opinion. Surefire brand LED flashlights are my personal choice. You never know when you might need a flashlight.

Fire: Having a way to create fire is always a good idea. Carrying a BIC Lighter or two in your EDC is recommended.

Water: At least 1 Liter worth, but more if you have the room is recommended. Water is our lifeline, the average person drinks 1 Gallon of water daily.

First-Aid Kit: A small First Aid Kit is good to have in a pinch. Some band-aids, alcohol prep pads, tylenol, tums, superglue, and a 1ft length of duct tape wrapped around a gift card work great for this.

Shelter: Most people are not going to be willing to carry around a small tent all day, and I am not either. I recommend just carrying a poncho and mylar emergency blanket. Both are lightweight and small, and can be used as an emergency shelter.

Food: A few Energy Bars and some crackers do great for this.

Paracord: Having a length of 550lb test Paracord with you can come in very handy. You can make a splint with it, tie down your poncho to make a shelter out of, etc. The length you want to carry is up to you.

Bandana: A bandana can be very useful, see 30 Uses for a Bandana 

Money: $100 in small bills, and some change for vending machines can go a long way.

Knife: Just a small high quality pocket knife will do. The type is up to you. I carry a Gerber Multi-Tool, but it is not needed for everyone.

Clothes: An extra change of clothes would be great after getting soaked in that downpour wouldnt it? Or a jacket to throw on because tonight is a bit colder than you thought it would be?

These are just some ideas of what you can carry on you every day, to make you more prepared. Some people with a CCW may wish to carry a larger pistol in the bag, that is up to you. I try to carry a quality backpack, but not one that paints me as 'military' right off. I want to blend in. No reason to draw attention to yourself.

All of these things together, can make your life easier, or quite possibly save it.


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