Friday, September 16, 2011

Get your Neighborhood Involved!

 Quick note on OPSEC (Operational Security): Discuss these things only with people you greatly trust. Letting everyone know you have a house full of stored food and supplies makes you a giant target if things go to hell. And even if you believe the people you tell would never steal it from you, they could be coerced into telling those who would. Loose lips sink ships.

If the shit hits the fan in our country, there are going to be millions upon millions of people that are scared, starving, and fleeing from the major cities towards the inner United States. Without daily resupply the major cities will run out of necessities and food within hours. All of the people in these cities will then head inland to try and find a place to live away from the chaos of looting, robbing, rape, and murder that will be filling the streets of heavily populated areas. They will all be hungry and desperate. As preppers, we call this the "Golden Horde". 

So even if you have a home filled with plenty of supplies to last you years, and the means to protect it, one home could not face the onslaught of hundreds of people migrating through your area trying to find anything they can to survive. Then what can we do?! You ask. Well, the best idea is to get your neighborhood involved. Form a plan. If you can get them to save up supplies like you are, that is one less person or family that will be asking you for help! And if you form a community based on the ideals of protecting each other in a time of crisis, its a win/win. That way, when the Golden Horde comes, they can help defend your area. Use cars to make roadblocks to get into your neighborhood. Have armed guards of you and your neighbors on rotating shifts stationed by the roadblocks 24/7, and any entrance to your neighborhood.

By doing this, not only will you have a much higher chance of survival, but you will have others to barter and trade with should you run out of something important. You will also have more land on which to grow food if it is needed. Hopefully you are located far away from any major population centers (See: Major US Population Centers Map), the closer you are, the more difficult it is going to be to defend your home. When you get together with your neighbors, figure out what skills they have, what trades could be used if things went to hell. After the collapse hits, it would be great to be able to start a business out of your home to barter for needed goods. (Candlemaker, Water Purification, Leathercrafting, Gunsmithing, etc). Forming a LP/OP (Listening Post/Observation Post) in your neighborhood now would be ideal. Have it formed on the military crest of any hill (the military crest is the area right below the peak of a mountain or hill, as so you are not seen on the horizon) and have it concealed, with a wide view of your neighborhood and entrance points to it. That way, if anything is coming, the guards and roadblocks can be alerted and not taken by surprise.

These are just preventative measures, but, if I were one of these stragglers and was starving, and so was my family, there is nothing I would not do to keep them alive. So everyone else is likely to be the same. If possible, give out charity to those that need it. "Give until it hurts". And in your supplies, make ziplock bags with charity items in it. (Matches, moist towlettes, crackers, a bottle of water, etc) 

Inevitably, people are going to ask to join your community. If you can feed the extra mouth, its a good idea to find people with needed trades! How nice would it be to have a doctor on hand if someone got seriously sick or injured? Or a blacksmith to make a tool you need but don't have? An electrician that may be able to get that broken generator working again?

Just because things have gone to hell, does not mean we're not human beings, and Americans. Give charity as much as possible, but always, always, be armed and able to protect those you love.


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