Thursday, September 15, 2011

Novel: One Second After

I started the novel, One Second After yesterday, and finished it today. While I did know the power behind an EMP (Electro-Magnectic Pulse) weapon, and what it could do to our country, I had never really delved into the thought of the instantanious crippling of all electronics in our country. I must say it was a terrifyingly eye opening read. A gripping novel that really makes you feel a part of their struggle, and shows how easily it can become reality. 

As a prepper, it showed me many aspects that I had not thought of, and had not prepared for. It is not a book explaining how to survive an EMP attack, or a guide to preparing for one, but a novel showing what would happen to the every day lives of American citizens (the characters in the novel are living in the mountainous area of North Carolina) if it were to occur. It is shockingly blunt, and not one aspect of it was 'fictionalized'. I cannot say I 'enjoyed' the book, because of the horrors within, but it is an amazing book none the less, and I do recommend it to all. Not for the young or faint of heart. 

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