Monday, September 12, 2011

How to Make a Bug Out Bag

A Bug Out Bag (BOB) or 72-Hour Kit is a bag full of supplies that is designed to keep you alive for three days under conditions to where all you have to rely on is yourself and the equipment you have with you. I built my Bug Out Bag in three different tiers.

Tier One: A housefire, small natural disaster, etc. To where all you may need is temporary survival equipment, until help can be found.

Tier Two: A major disaster, but the roads are blocked. You must only go on with what you can carry.

Tier Three: A complete break-down of social order, you must leave your home or current location in a vehicle for a safer and more desolate area and bring everything you could possibly need, with the knowledge you may never be coming home.

I have a Bug Out Bag(BOB), a Bug Out Vest(BOV), and a Bug Out Tote(BOT). In Tier One I would carry only my BOB. In Tier Two I would carry my BOB and BOT. In Tier Three I would carry all of them.

Depending on what you wish to prepare for and where you are located, your contents may vary on what you choose to pack. I like to prepare for the worst, but hope for the best; that way I am never surprised if something happens or in need of something I do not have.

Make sure to keep your pack as light as possible, you want to be able to move fast.

My Bug Out Bag List: UPDATED:1/25/12(My Bag is a Proper USMC MARPAT Field Pack, but I would recommend a very high quality 'normal' looking bag, so as you dont stick out as a target. An ALICE pack is a good choice as well.)

Eton Crank Radio/Flashlight
Fenix HP11 Head-Light (with red lens cover)

Gerber Infinity Ultra LED Flashlight
BIC Lighter x2
Aquamira Water Filter Straw
100 Feet 550 Paracord
Katadyn Vario Water Filtration System
30 Potable Aqua Tablets
Stainless Steel Wire
Coffee Filters (for protecting my water purifier against particulates)
Ziploc Bags x3
Trash bags x3
Sweedish Firesteel
Gorrilla Tape Mini-roll
Gerber LMFII Knife
Gerber Multi-tool
Socks x2
Snack Bars x4
MRE x3
Collapsable Water Bottle
Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Bivy Sack
First Aid Kit (Tylenol, C.A.T., Alcohol Prep Pads, Caffeine Pills, Gauze, Israeli Battle Dressing, etc)
SAS Survival Guide Pocket Edition

Mylar 'Emergency' Blanket (Can be used as a tarp or heat reflector too)
100ML Camelbak Bladder 
Water flavoring packets (TANG, etc)
Topographical Map of my region, with plotted routes to my BOL
Carabiner x2
Light Waterproof Jacket
Flash Drive with all my critical info (Deeds, Bank info, Insurance info, Medical Records, etc.)
Bottled Water x2
Smith & Wesson .40 Auto + 3 Spare Magazines
Henry Survival Rifle (May or may not be added depending on situation)
Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit Solar Charging System
Emergency Contact List (A laminated page filled with all the phone numbers I may need to contact) 
MARPAT Boonie Hat

I will go into details on my Bug Out Vest and Bug Out Tote along with my armament loadouts on the next post!

keep your powder dry,
-NCPrepper10 out

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  1. You said you have a red lens for your HP11 headlamp? I have one of these headlamps and am looking for a red lens for it and can't find it anywhere. If you could let me know where you found it and post some pictures of both the head lamp and the red lens I would greatly appreciate it.